Prateek Patel

The Rule of Three When Hiring a Web Design Agency

Owning a website has become an integral part of running a successful business. A good website is the simplest way for you as a company to put yourself on the market map. It is instrumental in drawing in potential customers and attracting new talent. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to hire the right team to build a website that really clicks with your audience.

  1. The Team

    A high-performing website is a result of an ensemble cast of multiple talents including:

    • Graphic Designers to create amazing visuals for your website
    • Content Writers who will develop mind-capturing content to capture your audience.
    • Web Developers to support the content and visuals with interactive elements.
    • User Experience Designers who know best what the audience and the cilents want.
    • Project Managers who provide a point of contact between the team and the client to ensure seamless operations between the team and client.
  2. Apart from the agency’s skillset, it is also important to get to know their dynamic and their willingness to adapt to all environments without affecting quality. Plus, understanding their flow of thoughts in the form of plans and suggestions can give you a pretty good idea of their level of creativity

  3. The History

    Always look at the portfolio and the past work of the agency and the team before you finalize one. First, when considering an agency, check if they have an experience of working in the industry you are representing. If so, then poke around for their relevant work and assess the quality of their previous work. Also, check around the industries they are more experienced in working with.

    Next, check the range of their work – as in the industries they have worked with, the type of clients they service, and the variety of technologies they have worked with. Are they lacking in a certain type of skill set? Can you manage without that skill? Do they understand your vision of work and can they relate to it?

  4. The Quality

    This is the most important aspect you must consider when you are hiring a web design agency. But the question remains, how do you assess the performance of a web design agency before hiring it? The past work of the agency speaks about the caliber of the agency. Check the websites created by the agency in the past from a potential customer’s point of view and answer these questions:

    • Does the website explain you what products/services the business offer?
    • Are you convinced enough to buy them?
    • Are you comfortable using the website?
    • Are you convinced enough to buy them?
    • How does the website look aesthetically? How are the color harmony on the website? Are the fonts legitimate?
    • Is the website consistent from homepage to inner page – content-wise and looks-wise?
    • Is the site mobile friendly?

If you find yourself answering most of these questions with a “Yes”, then you can be certain you are going to make an excellent decision by hiring the web design agency. Last but not the least, a team who is up to date with the current trends in technology usually turns out some of the best high performance websites. Check for the team’s level of activity in the subject related communities.


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