By: Prateek Patel

Your business is a great one, amazing. And you have built a website design to show everyone just that. However, after the initial rush, the traffic dwindled, and you are at loss as to what you might be missing out. After all, your website is a representation of your brand, and you need to know where the holes in the ship are before the ship sinks.
It is always recommended to take stock of your website on a regular basis, so that you can make tweaks to regulate the traffic and assess the incoming traffic.
Do you have good content? 
  • If you are confident of the business you are doing, then your content should reflect that. Clear and focused content on the website is reflective of how confident and passionate you are about your business and its growth. It also shows how much you know about the challenges in the field, the competition and your readiness to face all of it. One such way of showing your passion towards your field is by having a consistently published blog. The blog will consist of articles, how-to pieces, and your comments on the recent developments in your field. All such content reflects how much you are in touch with the reality of your business. It is important to regularly update the blog.
  • In today’s day and age, everybody has a website, and there are hundreds of web design templates to build one if you are a newbie. No one wants to look at cliched and cookie cutter websites with no originality. If you have something new to say, then say it in your own innovative manner and you will have a loyal fan following.
 Does your audience know what to do?
  • You may have great content on your website, but then the question arises, “okay, what now?” In other words, many websites suffer from this lack of clarity as to what is expected from the audience. So what if you are great at writing blogs and have a great business? You must involve your audience in your website design by adding Call-to-Action buttons, such as Subscribe Now or Make a Sale Now. That allows you to connect with the audience, so that they can participate in your business.
 Are you reachable? 
  • Most of the companies do well by sharing only their email address and managing well. But an email address can be limiting in many ways, mainly because most of the people find it easier to talk about their requirements than write them down for anyone. It can be risky to provide your number on the website, because then it tells your audience that you are available to them at all times. As a small business, it may be taxing for you to attend to your customers. But it is worth all that effort to improve customer and client relations.
Are you here, there, everywhere? 
  • Most of the businesses think that having a website should be enough to reach out the customers and clients. But you cannot ignore the power of social networking. Putting out your business on the social network brings you closer to your audience and allows them to communicate with you directly. You can choose the platform that is suitable for your business, but make sure that you choose more than one social network.
Does everyone know how popular you are?  
  • Let everyone else know that you are being talked about. Feel free to publish testimonials of clients who have been a part of your business and have worked with you. This does not make you sound boastful; in fact it makes you look humble, and it instils confidence in your audience that you say what you mean and mean what you say.
Are you mobile friendly? 
  • Who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays? Everyone has a smartphone, and most of the communications take place on it. If your website is not mobile friendly, then you are losing out on a huge chunk of audience. 
  • Most of the people may not use a laptop or a desktop to browse the internet, but they do use a smartphone to do so. A smartphone allows the users to access information anytime regardless of the place and that’s what your website needs – widespread popularity.
The main objective behind establishing a website is reaching out to the audience. If your target audience is not viewing your website, then your website is not successful. And that’s why it is important for you to assess your website and fix it to reach out to a wider audience.

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