Prateek Patel

Dish up the Best Website for Your Restaurant by Adding These Features

They say that foodie people are the happiest people. And it is these foodies who are responsible for creating the best restaurants we know. More passion for food, tastier the food is. A restaurant is just not all about the food that is served, but it is also the staff, the ambience, the music, the furniture – every little thing that adds up to the experience. 
Everybody is about the Internet now, and restaurateurs are not behind. If you are a restaurant owner, then it pays for you to shift your passion from making food to making business – not all, just a bit. And the one way to build your restaurant business today is building a website. While it may seem like a looming task to you, if you look at the checklist below, you will end up with a simple yet functioning website contributing to your business. 
    • There is hardly anyone who doesn’t use internet while using a phone. 
      [LT Restaurant Joomla template]
    • That’s why it is always recommended to develop your website with a responsive design – a website that adapts to the screen it is being viewed on. 
    • A restaurant business is a highly dynamic business, where every day there is a special dish to serve, there is price adjustment based on the availability of raw material, and a development in business strategy (home delivery, party orders, catering orders). 
    • Your website should allow you to update easily without having to call the developer. 
    • Open your business to online ordering of food and watch your business skyrocket. Of course, you must integrate this feature in your website, only when you are ready to take in that many orders and do them justice. 
    • Don’t bite more than you can chew, or you can lose your credibility. 
    • Regular updates to your website show your customer base that you are a dynamic business and in tune with the customer’s interests and trends. 
    • Add offers and discounts to your website to engage your audience and encourage them to come to your website. 
    • Browsing your website should be a smooth experience for the person viewing it. 
    • The website design should be such that they should be able to look at anything anywhere in your website and place an order or contact your restaurant.
    • Make sure your website has pages and content that is designed to load quickly. 
    • A “loading” website tests the user’s patience and may lead the user to abandon your website.
    • Keep it simple and focused, while focusing on the quality of your content.

    • Testimonials work like that little bell a restaurant places at the door for the customer to ring if they have enjoyed your restaurant. 
    • Encourage your customers at the restaurant to post testimonials talking about their experience – good or bad. 
    • Be courageous to allow the bad ones in too and work to fill in the voids that caused the negative feedback.

    • Associate yourself with some of the popular food delivery aggregators and other social networking websites, to make your presence known. 

    •  [Social Presence]
    • It is a widely known fact that social networking platforms have the potential to pass a message on and follow a cause like wildfire. 
    • Presenting yourself on the social platform opens up the feedback doors for the customers and getting more business and traffic on your website. 
    • Food photography is a rage and there are number of photos – enticing photos – of food. Use this trend to add good quality images to your website. 
    • Take some original photos of the food prepared by your team and post them on your website; putting original photos on the website encourages authenticity of the food served at the restaurant. 
    • At least you won’t have anyone complaining, “Hey, it didn’t look like this on the website!”

    • This is not for others to see, but only for your reference. Add analytics to your website to constantly monitor the traffic visiting your website.

    • [Analytics]
    • Track the trends – bounce rates, purchase trends, visitor frequency – on your website so that you can tweak your business strategies to attract more traffic and valid customer base. 
A restaurant reflects you as foodie, someone who shares their joy for food with everyone they can. That’s why it is imperative for you to stay honest and true to your passion while building your restaurant website. This checklist is to allow you to channel your passion for your business for maximum profit, maximum success. 


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